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World Sex Scandal 

sex scandal is a scandal involving allegations or information about possibly-immoral sexual activities being made public. Sex scandals are often associated with movie stars, politicians, famous athletes or others in the public eye, and become scandals largely because of the prominence of the person involved . A scandal may be based on reality, the product of false allegations, or a mixture of both.
Sex scandals involving politicians can become political scandals, particularly when there is an attempt at a cover-up, or suspicions of illegality.

10 Most Popular Statesman Sex Scandal

1. Dominique Strauss-Khan Sex Scandal 

Dominique Strauss-Khan said that staying house be a substitute for the next French President Nicolas Sarky replaced in the upcoming election just stumbled problem of sexual abuse scandals. He is known problematic in the case relate to women. Khan, who is now 62-year-old has been married three times, in 1967 by Helene Dumas, 1984 by Brigitte Guillemette and 1991 by Anne Sinclair. When these rumors pushed, Khan was still married to Anne, who is a former French TF1 television journalist.This is the Popular Statesman Sex Scandal .

2. Silvio Barleycorn Sex Scandal 

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Balcony who is also a media tycoon and the richest man in Italy is still vulnerable despite a number of affair with a woman around-ed. He spoke a soft and pleasant is the attraction of women for an affair with him, even women under the age of a more worthy to be his son.This is the Popular Statesman Sex Scandal . Inevitably Veronica Leroi, Balcony’s wife finally divorced for reasons not stand her attitude.

3. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal 

Having a bright wife, as pretty and as tough as Hillary Rod ham Clinton is incapable of making former U.S. President Bill Clinton on the Monica Lewinsky affair who was then aged 22 years. Lewinsky is an employee who is a White House intern in different age 4 years and older with an only son Bill Clinton-Hillary, Chelsea Victoria Clinton.This is the Popular Statesman Sex Scandal . This case, of course, happened when Clinton was still serving as President of the United States so the U.S. House of Representatives to convene impeachment against Clinton in 1998 but unfortunately managed to escape.

4. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowl-es Sex Scandal 

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles who was married to Diana Spencer, had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowl-es so that this case is known by Camilla gate. Both are still bound by cords wedding when this happened. Charles divorced from Diana in 1996 after she was married for 15 years. Later in the year 9 April 2005 he married Camilla. There is a unique story related to Charles-Camilla, a conversation which was later known as scandalous Tupungato this success tapping statement that Charles wanted to be Camilla’s tampon.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Patricia Bane Sex Scandal 

Infidelity Arnold Schwarzenegger who served as governor of California with a Mildred Patricia Bane make households that have been built along with Maria Sh-river unstable and lead to divorce. Sh river not only injured, but also insulted that this televise former journalist finally learned that her husband had children aged 13 years with a household staff.

6. President Sukarno Sex Scandal 

First President of the Republic of Indonesia, Sukarno rejected polygamy aggressively, but became the number 1 which agree and become perpetrators of infidelity. By Committed Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnost (KGB), he assessed easily conquered, because it has a fatal weakness that is easy to bend the knees in women. Although he is good at seducing and known to be very romantic he fell into the arms of Dewie Sukarno. Many conversations in cyberspace called Dewie Sukarno as a high class prostitute from Japan. Sukarno was recorded married with 8 women. Only one woman who divorced, that is Uteri his first wife.

7. Mark Foley Sex Scandal 

There is no better affair, like Mark Foley scandal, Republican congressman from Florida in 2006 performed on adolescent boys aged 16 years. He proved to send a short message containing her writings full of temptation. Foley was eventually resigned and some argue this scandal contributed to the downfall of the Republican Party since losing many votes.This is the Popular Statesman Sex Scandal .

8. Larry Craig Sex Scandal 

Former Republican senator from Idaho is embarrassing that is obscene acts at the international airport men’s room at Minneapolis-St. Paul. He announced his resignation from the senate, but not so long ago he revoke the recognition of guilt and released a statement that he refused to resign as Senator from Idaho. The good news is, this business fails, the public already believed.

9. Jeremy Thorpe Sex Scandal 

John Jeremy Thorpe a British politician, who is also leader of the Liberal Party 1967-1976 accused of plotting to kill a man claiming to be a former lover. He also lost his position in parliament.This is the Popular Statesman Sex Scandal .

10.Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemming Sex Scandal 

The name listed as Thomas Jefferson led America’s most successful because it managed to put the Declaration of Independence and the brightest in his time. Brilliant reputation dimmed when James Cal lender, revealed the existence of the relationship Thomas Jefferson and a slave named Sally Hemming as his concubine, and had several children with him. Thomas Jefferson who was a widower status still able to maintain its position as the U.S. president to 3.

Namrata Sharma Zakaria & Robina Dam Sex Scandal 

Mumbai, London; February 17: The hot story that British are screaming about was set not just several miles high in the sky but on the ground in Mumbai as well. Ralph Fiennes, British filmstar and UNICEF ambassador who was on an HIV/AIDS mission to India late last month, invited Lisa Robertson, a Quantas stewardess to his hotel room in Mumbai as soon as she checked into Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt, reported The Daily Mail.Fiennes, who shot to fame with his charismatic performance as a Nazi commandant in Schindler’s List in 1993, stayed at Sea Princess in Juhu first and then moved to Marine Plaza on Marine Drive while he was in Mumbai.

During his stay in Mumbai city, Fiennes also caught up with his friend, film producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Fiennes visited the director’s sets of Munnabhai Chale America and spent time with Chopra’s family at their Bandra residence house. Fiennes also met Amitabh Bachchan. Says Anupama Chopra, the filmmaker’s wife: “We know him as Vinod and he share the same lawyer in Los Angeles...Fiennes is a wonderful, engaging person and fantastik person. It’s amazing how brilliant and yet unstarry he is.”

There was a Shakespearians twists to the tale that emerged in the revelations this week about the Oscar-nominated actor. Just like many of the award-winning roles that Fiennes has played on stage and screen, the hero’s fall from grace is all the greater for having been put on a pedestal beforehand.This is the Popular Statesman Sex Scandal .


Robertson’s claims that Fiennes, 43, not only had unprotected sex with her on board the flight from Darwin to Mumbai, but followed it up with a rendezvous are threatening to overshadow Fiennes’s reputation as a respected and intellectual actor. The irony is, Fiennes was travelling to India to raise HIV awareness and to help promote safe sex.

While in India, he told British news programme ITNs: “If I can use my celebrity status to raise awareness for something worthwhile such as this, then it’s worth it.”


It emerged that the aircraft escapade occurred soon after Fiennes separated from his girlfriends of the past five months, Sirin Lewendon, an interior designer from Dublin. She was believed to have become frustrated by his “constant wandering eye” but this pattern seems to have been established within his recent relationships.


This element to Fiennes had long been known within the London arts set but a discreet veil had been drawn over it for the past decade while he was with his long-term partners, Francesca Annis, 63, an actress who was 19 years his senior and who played the role of his mother when they both appeared in an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Annis left her long-term partner, a photographer who was the father of her three children, to be with Fiennes who was married at the time to a younger actress, Alex Kingston (she later found fame with the American medical series ER).

Annis, who commands much respect and affection within thespian circles, finally split with Fiennes when an amorous liaison he had with a Romanian singer became public after she did a “kiss-and-tell” to the tabloids.


After 12 years, they announced their separation in February 2006. For all the angst-ridden roles he plays as the tragic hero, the real-life events overtaking Fiennes are of a less literary and intellectual nature. He is believed to have now lashed out at the press and via his press agent indicated that it was Robertson who was the sexual predators.