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World Religion Wise God

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Religious World ::--World Popular Religion's||World Religious Place's||World Religious Soul's||World Religion Wise God||

Every country has its own religion and on the basis of religion country has devoted to particular God. Here you found list of God related to particular religion and also found in which country has which religion popular.


Hinduism == Trimurti -- (Brahma • Vishnu • Shiva) Devis and Devas -- (Saraswati , Lakshmi , Parvati , Shakti , Durga , Kali , Ganesha , Subrahmanya , Ayyappa , Rama , Krishna , Hanuman , Prajapati , Rudra , Indra , Agni , Dyaus Bhumi , Varuna , Vayu and ) Geeta Holy Book and many more there are 33 crore Devis and Devas in Hinduism.


Judaism == YHWH, Adonai, Ehyeh asher ehyeh, El, Elohim, Shaddai, Tzeva'ot.


Zoroastrianism == Ahura Mazda is the deity and his prophet Zoroaster


Buddhism == Gautam Buddha


Shinto == Gautam Buddha


Confucianism == The god of Confucianism is Confucius or also known as "Kung Fuzi", or Master Kung.

Jainism == Mahavir jain


Taoism == There is not a main god in Daoism Deities (Three Pure Ones , Guan Shengdi , Eight Immortals , Yellow Emperor , Xiwangmu , Jade Emperor · Chang'e , Other deities)


Christianity == Jesus Christ , Bible .


Islam == Muhammad , Quran Holy Book


Sikhism == Guru Nanak and Eight other Guru Follower of Guru Nanak , Guru Granth Sahib Holy Book.


Bahai == Baha'is believe in the universal Creator that is God, known by many names in different cultures/languages. An English-speaking Baha'i will say "God," whereas an Arabic-speaking Baha'i will say "Allah" or a Sanskrit-speaking Baha'i will say "Vishnu." God's name shouldn't be confused with the names of the many Messengers who spoke God's Word to humanity (e.g., Krishna, Moses, Zarathustra, etc).


Above God name are metioned by particular religion but every religion also say that these God name are not real God they are the part of Supreme God who created all these name . For example deity Rama are incarnation of Vishnu God . These name mainly are the incarnation we can say these are the God Son or God good creation who teach us about God.




the world's major religions may be classified as follows:

  1. Middle Eastern Religions:
    • Christianity
      • Roman Catholicism
      • Protestantism
      • Eastern Orthodox Church
    • Islam
      • Shi'ite
      • Sunni
    • Judaism
    • Zoroastrianism
  2. Far Eastern Religions:
    • Confucianism
    • Taoism
    • Shinto
    • Mahayana Buddhism
  3. Indian Religions:
    • Hinduism
    • Sikhism
    • Jainism
    • Theravada Buddhism
  4. African Religions:
    • Tribal Religions of Sub-Saharan Africa
  5. American Religions:
    • Religions of Indigenous American Indians
  6. Oceanic Religions:
    • The religions of the Pacific Islanders
    • The beliefs of the Aborigines of Australia
    • The beliefs of the Maoris of New Zealand

The world religion map represents each of the above religions and the areas in which they are prevalent. It may be useful to note that in certain regions many religions coexist and in others like, China and Japan, adherents are affiliated to more than one religion.

Country Religion Country Religion Country Religion
Afghanistan Islam Albania Islam Algeria Islam
Andorra Christian Angola Indigenous Beliefs Antigua & Barbuda Christian
Argentina Christian Armenia Christian Australia Christian
Austria Christian Azerbaijan Islam Bahamas Christian
Bahrain Islam Bangladesh Islam Barbados Christian
Belarus Christian Belgium Christian Belize Christian
Benin Ind. Beliefs Bhutan Buddhist Bolivia Christian
Bosnia & Herzegovina Islam, Christian Botswana Christian Brazil Christian
Brunei Islam Bulgaria Christian, Islam Burkina Faso Trad. Beliefs
Burundi Christian Cambodia Buddhist Cameroon Ind. Beliefs
Canada Christian Cape Verde Christian Central African Republic Christian
Chad Islam Chile Christian China Nonreligious
Colombia Christian Comoros Islam Congo Christian
Costa Rica Christian Cote d'Ivore Trad. Beliefs Croatia Christian
Cuba Non Religious Cyprus Christian Czech Republic Christian
Denmark Christian Djibouti Islam Dominica Christian
Dominican rep. Christian Ecuador Christian Egypt Islam
El Salvador Christian Equatorial Guinea Christian Eritrea Islam, Christian
Estonia Christian Ethiopia Islam Fiji Christian
Finland Christian France Christian Gabon Christian
Gambia Islam Georgia Christian Germany Christian
Ghana Ind. Beliefs Greece Christian Grenada Christian
Guatemala Christian Guinea Islam Guinea-Bissau Trad. Beliefs
Guyana Christian, Hindu Haiti Christian Honduras Christian
Hungary Christian Iceland Christian India Hindu
Indonesia Islam Iran Islam Iraq Islam
Ireland Christian Israel Jews Italy Christian
Jamaica Christian Japan Shinto & Buddhism Jordan Islam
Kazakhstan Islam Kenya Christian Kiribati Christian
Kuwait Islam Kyrgyzstan Islam Laos Buddhist
Lativa Christian Lebanon Islam Lesotho Christian
Liberia Trad. Beliefs Libya Islam Liechtenstein Christian
Lithuania Christian Luxembourg Christian Macedonia Christian
Madagascar Traditional Beliefs Christian Malawi Christian Malaysia Islam
Maldives Islam Mali Islam Malta Christian
Marshal Is. Christian Mauritania Islam Mauritius Hindu
Mexico Christian Micronesia Christian Moldova Christian
Monaco Christian Mongolia Shamanist Morocco Islam
Mozambique Traditional Beliefs Myanmar Buddhist Namibia Christian
Nauru Christian Nepal Hindu Netherlands Christian
New Zealand Christian Nicaragua Christian Niger Islam
Nigeria Islam North Korea Nonreligious Norway Christian
Oman Islam Pakistan Islam Palau Christian
Panama Christian Papua New Guinea Christian Paraguay Christian
Peru Christian Philippines Christian Poland Christian
Portugal Christian Qatar Islam Romania Christian
Russia Christian Rwanda Christian San Marino Christian
Sao Tome & Principe Christian Saudi Arabia Islam Senegal Islam
Seychelles Christian Sierra Leone Islam Singapore Buddhist
Slovakia Christian Slovenia Christian Solomon Islands Christian
Somalia Islam South Africa Christian South Korea Christian
Spain Christian Sri Lanka Buddhist St. Kitts & Nevis Christian
St. Lucia Christian St. Vimnce/ Grenadines Christian Sudan Islam
Surinam Christian, Hindu Swaziland Christian Sweden Christian
Switzerland Christian Syria Islam Taiwan Chinese Religion
Tajikistan Islam Tanzania Christian Thailand Buddhist
Togo Traditional Beliefs Tonga Christian Trinidad & Tobago Christian, Hindu
Tunisia Islam Turkey Islam Turkmenistan Islam
Tuvalu Christian U. K. Christian U.A.E. Islam
Uganda Christian Ukraine Christian United States of America Christian
Uruguay Christian Uzbekistan Islam Vanuatu Christian
Vatican City Christian Venezuela Christian Vietnam Buddhist
Western Samoa Christian Yemen Islam Yugoslavia Christian
Zaire Christian Zambia Christian Zimbabwe Traditional Beliefs