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The Out of Body Experience

An Out of Body Experience is defined by your awareness being transferred beyond your physical body.

All it takes to trigger an OBE is to focus inwards and cut yourself off from your perception of the outside world (what you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch).

Very quickly, your mind begins to create new stimulus of its own. We call these dreams. (This is the crux of the WILD technique for having lucid dreams.)

Usually dreams are reserved for sleep, but as lucid dreamers and OBErs know, it is possible to trick the body into sleep while remaining conscious of these hallucinations. So - are lucid dreams and OBEs the same thing?

To some dream explorers, the answer is a resounding yes. To others, they are completely different phenomena. The true nature of OBEs and astral projection experiences are still great unexplained mysteries. But the real question is: are OBEs real in the sense that your mind - your awareness - literally leaves your body?

Out of body explorers have long tried to prove this by trying to obtain data from different locations while in the out of body state. Unfortunately nothing truly definitive has been recorded under verifiable conditions. And there are plenty of stories involving OBErs who "saw" their friend sitting at the computer in their OBE, and, lo, when they called them up in real life that's exactly what they were doing.

But science does not accept coincidence or best guesses as proof.

Perhaps Out of Body Experiences remain one of the true unexplained mysterious of this world. But I feel that with further sleep and dream research we will soon uncover the true mechanism of OBEs and how they differ (if at all) from lucid dreams.

For some further reading, Dr Robert Monroe famously documented copious Out of Body Experiences in his compelling book, Journeys Out of the Body. As a scientist, he was at first incredulous when he began having OBEs against his will but soon traveled to places far removed from the material realities of life on Earth - or so he thought. Though many now see his OBEs as inward journeys, it still represents one of the most important works ever published on this fascinating paranormal topic.

Out of body experiences are common during near death experiences, while meditating and I myself experience it while sleeping. I have explained illusions that we are surrounded in my earlier articles. So when a person is having an out of body experience how can that person see the physical world of illusion.

Some people say that our soul is moving out of our physical body while having out of body experience, I cant agree to this because our soul cant move out of a physical body which is product of time and space. While having astral projection we are maintaining our physical perception of the universe which according me me really don’t exists and it is a virtual reality which is appropriate word for me to use due to my experience with software programming, east Indian philosophy call it maya which is a Sanskrit word for illusion. During astral projections we are experiencing the universe from a different space at the same time and I dont have any information about astral projections collapsing time, but yes some astral experiences can gather information from future and they have proven to be 100 percentage accurate, but no visual time travel reported during astral projection.

A astral body can penetrate walls and hard solid objects, and my computer background makes me think about wireless connections, between computers and computer accessories, that is a silver chord mentioned by people who have astral experience, according to them silver chord is the connection from umbilical cod of the physical body to the astral body which floats around and is more like a wifi connection which penetrates hard solid surfaces and umbilical cod can be referred as a wifi antenna.

The mysterious part of astral projections are the facts what we are moving our sensory perceptions from or physical sensory organs to a location away from our body, I myself had many astral projection experiences while sleeping and it makes me wonder What exactly is making us see and hear like what we see using our eyes and ears. I have read about a blind woman who never saw light in her life had a visual experience of the physical world for the first time during an astral projection while having a near death experience. So what exactly is our sensory organs doing? The astral projections are proving us that we don’t need sensory organs to scene the virtual world. We are taught that light waves entering our eyes reaches retina from there neurons carry electric signals to the visual cortex of our brain where it conveys us the sense of vision, likewise all other sensory organs transmits vibrations from our surroundings as electrical signals to our brain which makes the sense of physical world. In case of astral body it is hard to explain how it sense the world away from our brain and sensory organs.

One possible conclusion to this is, we have two body , a physical one and astral one, astral bodies are actually sensing the virtual world, how it does this is still a mystery and physical body which makes us feel our self as a part of it is just masking the astral body when we are awake when our brain functions ( Brain remains inactive during out of body experiences ) When our brain starts functioning with all its electric activity it bind the so called 5 sensory organs located within the physical body. I can explain this in relation to what happened to the blind lady while having her astral projection during her near death experience, her astral body is capable of sensing all the senses which include vision, when her brain functions it fails to gather sense of vision from her eyes can be compared to a webcam which is incapable of carrying signals to the computers CPU due to damage, like wise the damage in the nerve that carry signals from eye to visual cortex is not functioning in her case.

So the possible conclusion I can make is Our 5 physical sensory organs are only binding the sensory functionality of our astral body to our physical body with the help of our brain and when it fails to bind, it fails to sense the virtual world.


Swiss researchers investigating so-called out-of-body experiences have succeeded in mimicking the phenomenon in healthy people via virtual reality experiments.

They say the technique offers a scientific explanation for sensations that are often thought to be figments of the imagination.

Out-of-body experiences, when a person sees themselves from a location outside their body, have been known to occur when normal brain functioning is disturbed, such as through drug use, epileptic seizures and strokes.

But scientists in Sweden and Switzerland, conducting separate experiments, have now succeeded for the first time in inducing similar illusory experiences in healthy patients. Their results are published in this week's edition of the journal, Science.

Their findings appear to indicate that the phenomenon results from the brain getting its wires crossed when it processes sensory information such as sight, touch and sound.