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Charles F. Lutes Supernatural Power Person

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Who was Charles F. Lutes?

Charles F. Lutes was the first person to enroll into the Transcendental Meditation program first offered by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the Continental United States in 1959. Impressed with the meditation technique he received, Mr. Lutes teamed up with Maharishi and became a founding pillar of the Transcendental Meditation organizations. He traveled around the world five times with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to open hundreds of meditation centers around the world. In 1969 he became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. Mr. Lutes had gained God Consciousness enlightenment after two years of practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. He was one of the most advanced of Maharishi’s teachers of Transcendental Meditation. Mr. Lutes was clairvoyant, a healer and a lecturer. He was also accomplished in many yogic siddhi powers. Mr. Lutes preferred to keep a low public profile. Instead he traveled extensively to meet with his extended family of thousands of meditating friends. He used his spiritual gifts to help all those with the consciousness to receive him. He gave inspirational lectures on a wide variety of spiritual matters, and discretely performed numerous healings and assisted many of his friends with their personal problems. He maintained a 24/7 telephone hot line for anyone who wanted to reach him; and the phone rang off the hook. For over forty years Charles Lutes dedicated his life to helping people stay on the spiritual path. Charles Lutes had a strong executive, command presence whose light filled the room when he entered. Although he held several titles of distinction in both the corporate business world and within the Transcendental Meditation organizations, he always wanted to be just known as "Charlie." His compassion, warmth and understanding, and jovial and casual demeanor immediately made anyone feel comfortable to be near him.

The Spiritual Healing

In January 1989, at the age of 45, after some ten years working at a desk job, He came to the realization thatHehad physically atrophied. My muscle tone was gone and He had gained some weight. He decided that it was time to get myself back into physical shape. So,He took up weight lifting; something He had enjoyed as a youth. Enthused by the quick resultsHewas getting,Headded more and more strenuous exercises to my routine. Soon He was working out daily, morning and evening, pushing some million pounds of iron in a month. By the following April, it happened…

I was working at my computer when my heart just plumb stopped beating. It took only a couple of seconds for me to realize what had happened – it was a helpless feeling.He realized that He had to do something immediately and began to forcibly hyperventilate.Hefigured that that would keep the oxygen going. However,He only bought myself a few seconds of time. A momentary fibrillation occurred, then my heart totally stopped again.He saw the room spinning; then my vision faded.He began to fall out of my seat as He was loosing consciousness. Suddenly my heart began fluttering, then it began to beat normally just in time for me to catch myself from falling to the floor.

This episode of heart failure, which seemed to have lasted ten to fifteen seconds, sufficiently scared me that He quit my weight training.He hoped that this episode was a unique one-time event. Ten days later, again at work, my heart stopped again, and this time for about five seconds. This second episode made me realize thatHecould drop dead at any moment. So,He sought medical advice. My cardiologist discovered that He had developed an irregular heartbeat and insistedHetake six weeks off from work to recuperate, which He did. Then, He went back to work. But, my health was not the same anymore. Although He never had a recurrence of heart failure,He did continue having an irregular heartbeat that was disconcerting whenever it happened, and that was fairly often.He accepted this condition and hoped that someday it would correct itself. But it didn’t…

About a year later, in the evening as He sat watching television, my heart just began shutting down. It began skipping one out of seven beats.He was uncomfortable and confused by the regularity of the skipped beats. After about a half-hour my heart began skipping one out of every five beats. This too was very regular and He became very concerned.He was not feeling very good and slipped off the couch to lie on the floor.He called my wife away from her kitchen chores; she took my pulse to verify my count. After about another half-hour my heart began skipping one of three beats andHewent into shock. My arms and legs got cold andHebegan to tremble.He felt warmth in my head and chest as my body went into survival mode.He asked my wife to wrap me in blankets, which she did.

I concluded that my body was shutting down and thatHewas dying.He felt helpless and confused.He became angry for lack of control.Hefelt that He was not ready to die yet;He still had things that He wanted to do.

By now my wife raced for the telephone.He urged her not to call 911.He feared thatHewould receive a pacemaker, or some other treatment that would compromise my lifestyle.He was not willing to compromise.

"Call Charlie,"He asked. Charlie had helped me out of other very difficult situations before.He was sure he could help me then as well. If anyone could help, it would be him.

My wife got Charlie on the telephone and briefly explained my predicament to him, then handed me the telephone. My conversation with Charlie was very brief. “How are you doing?” he asked compassionately.

His voice comforted me. “Not so good Charlie,”Hereplied feebly.

I did not have to explain much to Charlie. He instantly knew all he had to know of my condition in order to help me.

“Well, you hang in there,” he said as he concluded our brief conversation.

“Okay Charlie,”Hereplied.

I expected something remarkable to happen immediately, but nothing did.He was concerned that if my heartbeat got reduced any further He would surely die. Yet He felt confident that help was to come, somehow.Hepatiently continued to lie on the floor. After about a half an hour my heart increased its rhythm to skipping only one of five beats.Hebegan to feel better, and felt confident that all would be well soon. But He was still very weak and far from normal. It was 11 p.m., butHewas afraid to go to sleep.He thought that sleep would slow my metabolism down too low and He might not wake up. At about 11:30 p.m., remarkably my heart normalized some more. It adjusted to skipping only one of seven beats. After having stabilized at this rate for a half an hourHedecided to risk going to sleep.

I got up the following morning by my alarm clock at 5 a.m. My heart was still regularly skipping one of seven beats.Hewas not feeling very good, that He could keel over at any moment. My energy was very low. Nevertheless,Heproceeded to prepare myself to go to work.He moved very slowly. Then,He carefully drove to work. Once at work in my private office,He slowly worked at my computer tasks.He prepared some reports that He had to distribute within a couple of hours.He barely could focus on my work. Suddenly at about 9 a.m. a miraculous healing took place.


As He sat in front of my computer He was overw helmed by a Divine presence filling the room. Just then,He saw an intense white light, about two-feet wide, come down in front of me at a 45-degree angle into my chest.He immediately felt terrific and noticed that my heartbeat had instantly normalized.He said a prayer in gratitude for the healing.Hethen sorted the reports and scurried up the stairs to the various offices to distribute the reports.He felt the Divine presence again at about noon and again at about 4 p.m. as He worked at my computer. Each time, the Divine presence was accompanied by an intense white beam of light that came down in front of me at a 45-degree angle, and infused its energy into my chest. By the time He got home He felt fantastic. That was the last time He have had any problem with my heart.

Since then, (for over fifteen years now) He have been in excellent physical condition and also very physically active.He have resumed weight training, but to a much more moderate degree.He regularly hike the local mountain trails. And,He even had taken up skydiving. However,He gave up the sport after Charlie cautioned me that the sport had very little margin for error.Such was the glory and power of Charlie Lutes!.