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Banavantey Supernatural Power Person

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Banavantey is a Buddhist monk living in Rangamati Rajbanavihar. Now His age is around 90. His original name is Sadhananada Mahathero, popularly known as Banavantey. He followed the ancient path of Buddhism and lived in the secluded forests for more than 12 years. He has made a Buddhist renaissance in this hilly region. He is said to have attained Arahatta, the ultimate deliverance through the path of ascetic meditation. His life is so interesting that I made a blogsite on him. 

Unlike other Indian ascetics, the problem with the Buddhist monks is that they are reluctant to expose themselves before people as a possessor of supernatural powers. Because, they don’t want name and fame but the good for the mankind. However, incidentally some facts do happen.

    • See through things: Banavantey is a Buddhist monk and famous, so lots of people offer Him various things daily for religious merits(mainly food, medicine, and other daily necessities). Once, He was delivering his religious speech to the people. At that time, someone came with a few things to offer. Banavantey accepted everything except a coconut. When the man was going to offer that coconut too, Banavantey said, – no, no. not that one. The man respected him too much and apparently could not accept His word. So he again tried to offer Him that coconut. Now Banavantey pointed a large table and said- put it there. The man hesitantly said- But Vantey, This is the first fruit of my coconut tree. I brought it just for you.
  1. Then Banavantey pointed a doctor sitting beside Him and said- Give it to him. The doctor accepted the coconut from the man and kept it with him. At night when breakfast was being prepared for the next morning, the doctor broke the coconut and amazingly saw that there was no juice, no coconut pulp inside it. There was nothing to eat! That’s why Banavantey didn’t accept it!

    • Power of reading the mind: Notice in the following dialogue where Banavantey started his questions abruptly in the subject of drinking.

One day, a couple came to Banavantey. Banavantey asked them- Where have you come from?

-We have come from Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh), the husband answered.


-The people of Dhaka drink liquors. They drink liquors too much, is that right?

-Yes, Some people drink.


-How do they drink?

-Some drink at home, and some other drink at bars.


-Well then, being drunk, doesn’t anybody become crazy in the roads?

-Very rare.


-You drink liquor or not?



Then Banavantey asked the woman,- who is this man?

-My husband.


-He was talking to me, but now why he is muted?

-He has a habit of drinking liquor too.


-He can talk loudly while talking about others, now why he is quiet talking about himself?

-He is ashamed, that’s why he cannot talk about himself.


-Doesn’t he feel ashamed while drinking liquors? It is prohibited in all religions. In this life and after-life, there is nothing for it except sufferings. With excessive drinking of alcohols, even children are not born.


Then the couple wept and urged to Banavantey- We have no child. We are praying blessings from you for a child.

-Calm down. Don’t talk too much, Banavantey said. He then asked the woman- What does your husband do?

-He rents some shops and buildings. He also owns a hotel.


-Then he is a rich man?



-How many years you are married?

-Around 11 years.


-For how many years, your husband used to drink alcohols?

-long before our marriage.


-How much money he spends daily in drinking?

-Minimum 150 taka.(about 3 dollar)


-And maximum?

-While with friends, it’s a lot of money.


-Well, give me an account, in total how much money he has spent for drinking?

-Above a few lakhs.(around ten thousand dollars)


-That means, he has digested the property of a king.

-We have tried in every way, the allopathy, homeopathy, herbal and even the fakirs for a child but we have failed. Now we are planning to go to London for higher treatment. Before going, we are praying the blessings from fakirs and saints. That’s why we have come to you too. Please bless us.


-I am telling a few words. Listen to it and obey attentively. Tell it to your father-in-law and mother-in-law as well as your parents. Tell them such that your husband takes one of the two’s. What are those two’s? Liquor or rice. Either he will drink only liquor or he will eat only rice. Blessing is later, at first one of my two conditions must be fulfilled.


The woman returned with a joyful face and the man with a pale face!

  • Keeping His mother’s promise: When Banavantey left His ordinary life to become a monk, His mother told him- Wherever you go, come here to see me before my death. Then after a long period of time, two days before His mother died, He visited His mother. His mother, lying on the bed, told Him- You have come this evening. If you would have come this morning, I could manage a meal for you. Banavantey promised her to go to the next morning and came back to monastery with His disciples after a long journey of more than 400 kilometers.

Then in the next morning, He instructed His disciples not to call him during the morning meal. He then entered into His room, remained there for the whole morning meal period.


It was verified that He took that morning meal in His mother’s house. It should be mentioned that, the fastest route to His mother’s house from the monastery is by road. But Banavantey didn’t use the car in that day. During the morning meal, to cross 400 hundred kilometers within a few minutes(probably in a moment), whatever the trick is, but it is surely amazing.

A brief biography of Banavantey

He went to many places seeking for His ordination to monkhood. At last in 1949, He got ordained as a samanera (novice monk) of Venerable Dipankar Shrigyan Mahathero in the Chittagong Buddha Vihara. Ven. Dipankar Vantey (monks are usually called vantey) was an arts graduate at that time and a Tipitaka expert( Tipitaka is the Buddhist holy book that contains all the discourses of Buddha). Banavantey lived there for a few months and studied the Buddhist books provided by His guru. He once thought- only study cannot give oneself a lokottara Dhamma (an insight, the salvation). He must seek for the way to salvation. What is the value of shaving off the hair, leaving the ordinary life and wearing the yellow robes if one cannot attain such salvation. He learned all the duties of a samanera for three months and then asked His Guru- What is the kind of Lokottara Dhamma? His Guru, Ven. Dipankar vantey replied- I have not acquired Nibbana (the ultimate salvation). I have no Lokottara Dhamma. Therefore, go there where you have come from. Research it there for yourself and attain Nibbana.

In 1950, Banavantey came to Dhanapata according to His Guru’s instruction. At first He became frustrated without Guru. How can He meditate without His Guru? Then He decided to continue meditation with steadfast determination. He gave up sleeping and ate only once a day. He endured scorch heat and shivering cold with endless patience. He was meditating in a secluded place far from village. He just endured the rain in the rainy season, the insects throughout the whole year, the sun in the summer and the unbearable cold in winter.

Sometimes when indolence or sleep came over His eyes, He went to the field full of shawns in summer( shawn is a kind of long grass with sharp and pointed edges, its scratches are painful), or under the rain in rainy seasons, or in the deep cold water of stream or lake in winter and said to Himself- O Sleep, come now. He continued His meditation with such difficult religious practice till 1960.

He ate only once in a few days. Buddhist monks don’t eat after noon. Sometimes it became late in collecting food from the village. In that case, He threw away the collected food in the jungle and spent the whole day just by drinking water. Villagers called Him Rathindra Sraman, and as He meditated in deep forest, so He became known as forest monk or Banavantey.