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Australlia Continent
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Commonwealth of Australia
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Canberra
Largest city Sydney
Official language(s) None[N 2]
National language English (de facto)[N 2]
Demonym Australian, Aussie
Government Federal parliamentaryconstitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Elizabeth II
 -  Governor-General Quentin Bryce
 -  Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper House Senate
 -  Lower House House of Representatives
Independence from the United Kingdom 
 -  Constitution 1 January 1901 
 -  Statute of Westminster 11 December 1931 
 -  Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 9 October 1942 (with effect from 3 September 1939) 
 -  Australia Act 3 March 1986 
 -  Total 7,617,930 km2 (6th)
2,941,299 sq mi 
 -  2012 estimate 22,807,016 (50th)
 -  2006 census 19,855,288 
 -  Density 2.8/km2 (233rd)
7.3/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2011 estimate
 -  Total $918.978 billion (18th)
 -  Per capita $40,836 (12th)
GDP (nominal) 2011 estimate
 -  Total $1.507 trillion (13th)
 -  Per capita $66,984 (5th)
Gini (2006) 30.5 (medium) 
HDI (2011) 0.929 (very high) (2nd)
Currency Australian dollar (AUD)
Time zone various[N 3](UTC+8 to +10.5)
 -  Summer (DST) various[N 3] (UTC+8 to +11.5)
Drives on the left
ISO 3166 code AU
Internet TLD .au
Calling code +61

Australia officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area. Neighbouring countries include Indonesia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea to the north; the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia to the north-east; and New Zealand to the south-east.
For at least 40,000 years before European settlement in the late 18th century, Australia was inhabited by indigenous Australians, who belonged to one or more of roughly 250 language groups. After discovery by Dutch explorers in 1606, Australia's eastern half was claimed by Great Britain in 1770 and settled through penal transportation to the colony of New South Wales from 26 January 1788. The population grew steadily in subsequent decades; the continent was explored and an additional five self-governing Crown Colonies were established.
On 1 January 1901, the six colonies federated, forming the Commonwealth of Australia. Since Federation, Australia has maintained a stable liberal democratic political system which functions as a federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The federation comprises six states and several territories. The population of 22.7 million is heavily concentrated in the Eastern states and is highly urbanised.
A highly developed country, Australia is the world's thirteenth largest economy and has the world's fifth-highest per capita income. Australia's military expenditure is the world's twelfth largest. With the second-highest human development index globally, Australia ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. Australia is a member of the G20, OECD, WTO, APEC, UN, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, and the Pacific Islands Forum.

This is list of countrie's in Australlia continent..
13. Marshall Islands – Majuro
31.Kiribati – South Tarawa 32.Micronesia – Palikir 33.New Zealand – Wellington

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Australian Geography

  • The lowest annual rainfall occurs at Lake Eyre in South Australia, with an annual mean precipitation of about 100mm.
  • The highest annual rainfall occurs at Tully in Queensland, with an annual mean precipitation of 4400mm.
  • The lowest overnight ground temperatures recorded in Australia were at Canberra with -15.1 degrees, and Stanthorpe in Queensland with -11.0 degrees.
  • The foggiest capital city in Australia is Canberra with an annual average of 47 fog days, Brisbane with 20 days, and Darwin with 2 days.
  • Melville Island (5698km square), near Darwin, is the largest Island in Australian Waters (apart from Tasmania).
  • The highest point in Australia is the top of Mt Kosciusko in New South Wales (2230 metres).
  • The lowest point in Australia is 15 metres below sea level at Lake Eyre in South Australia.
  • The largest lakes in Australia include Lake Eyre (9500km2), Lake Torrens (5900km2) and Lake Gairdner (4300km2) which are all in South Australia.
  • The largest artificial lake in Australia is Lake Argyle (700km2) which is in Western Australia.
  • The Deepest lake in Australia is Lake St Clair.
  • The Murray River is the longest river in Australia at 2520km, combining with the Darling and Upper Darling Rivers to form the Murray-Darling basin. The Murray Darling extends over 15% of the continent, and serving 4 States and the ACT with water. The Murray also supports about 1/3 of Australia's agricultural production, supports 50% of Australia's sheep and croplands, and 25% of beef and dairy herds, contains about 62% of the country's irrigated land and supplies 50% of South Australia's water.
  • The continental shelf below Australia varies in width between 30km and 240km.

Top 10 Tourist Attraction in Australlia

Sydney - Is the main entry point in Australia for most people, and the city offers many interesting sites to visit such as the Opera House, Darling Harbour with marine aquarium, lots of Shopping malls, museums, and it worth a visit to the other side of the bay including the Zoo and the beach of Mainly.This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia. Visiting the downtown tower (Sydney Tower)  will have a complete view of the city from the top. The Blue Mountains will provide a beautiful panorama of the valley. The nightlife in Sydney is one of the most active in all Australia.

Cairns - is a small city without any big attractions, however the things you can do around are fantastic, such as going to the Great Barrier Reef (and if you can go to the outside reefs better, because the inside reefs are not very spectacular, although the cost will be well more expensive.).This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia. The Cable car until Kuranda over the rainforest offers unique views and you can go for a stroll and watch the waterfalls and forest in a closer look. Other day tours worth to visit such is Port Douglas and a little further Daintree National Park (It is considered the forest with the biggest variety of plants per square meter on the planet). 

Gold Coast - pretty beaches special for surfers and beach lovers. Other attractions are the Theme Parks and the busy night life in Surfers Paradise. The surrounding mountains and National Parks should not be missed with many waterfalls, flora and fauna to be appreciated. This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia.

Fraser island - muy legal, con paseos por la arena en vehículos 4x4. Lagunas muy bonitas y mucha naturaleza para ver. Cerca, en la Sunshine Coast, Noosa es la ciudad más interesante para pasar el día saliendo de Brisbane que es también una ciudad muy buena para conocerse.This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia.

Magnetic island In front of Townsville, with fantastic beaches.  2/3 of the Island is considered National Park with many colonies of Koalas and Kangaroos to be seen in their natural habitat.This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia.

Whitsundays - paradise for nautical sports with excellent nightlife and restaurants. The photo of helicopter in the top of this page is from the Whitsunday’s. One of the best gateways to the Great Barrier Reef and island resorts. Perfect place to do a tour in a sailboat.This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia.

Ayers Rocks - In the heart of Australia, close to the city of Alice Springs. It is the biggest rock monolith in the world and  a sacred place to the Aborigines. All the surroundins are deserts full of special places. Alice Springs is the departure point.This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia.

Great Ocean Road - about 3 hours driving from Melbourne, following the coast and mountains. The erosion caused by the sea and winds created giant monoliths of rock, called The 12 Apostles. (Now only 8 remains standing).This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia. Melbourne is an excellent urban city to visit, being the F! pilots the preferred city circuit. The international atmosphere and multiculturalism, nightlife, and the variety of excellent restaurants, makes Melbourne a must visit city in Australia. 

Kakadu National Park - Close to Darwin. One of the most beautiful National Parks in Australia with plenty of  wild life and variety of native plants and Aboriginal paintings. The only negative point, is that it is so popular, that is difficult to walk alone in the park without finding other tourists.This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia.

Tasmania - One of the prettiest places in Australia, and in certain way it reminds some New Zealand landscapes. Nice cities with excellent infra structure to visitors. The nature is the highlight, with spectacular beaches. The mountains and lagoons are well known for their beauty and wild life, and there are many historical places from the time Tasmania was a biggest prison for British convicts.This is one of good tourist plaecs in australlia country, you visit here if you come any time in autrallia.